Marble Design PVC Film
Concrete Stone Design Grey Color PVC Decoration Film

Concrete Stone Design Grey Color PVC Decoration Film

Features :

Concrete Stone Design Grey Color PVC Decoration Film

Our concrete design PVC decoration film is inspired by the cement texture, which is the effect of scraping when the cement is half dry. The cement surface is uneven, three-dimensional and beautiful decorative pattern, with a simple trend of industrial style. The cement grain of different color degree, the height reflects the cement simple, minimalist surprise

The cement gray PVC coating film produced by Unique has vivid and delicate cement texture, which makes people feel comfortable. The simple and natural space has a little more simple temperament. Combined with the warm tone pure color skin feeling film produced by our company, the cold and warm intersect. Against the background of the high cold gray PVC decorative film, it highlights an advanced texture and gives people a feeling of quiet and good time.

This kind of stone decorative film not only has the texture of years, but also has the luster of depreciation. It is suitable for cabinet, furniture coating, wall decoration and so on


No air spots, no bubbles, no shortage, no shrink,   good flatness, distinct pattern, little color difference, no delaminating or   whiten after folding


Concrete stone texture; matt surface

Product name

Concrete cement PVC decorative laminating film






Embossed / Smooth

Range of Application

Wall panel, furniture, interior decoration etc.

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