Imitation Fabric PVC Film
Romantic Fabric Design PVC Decorative Laminating Film

Romantic Fabric Design PVC Decorative Laminating Film

Features :

Romantic Fabric Design PVC Decorative Laminating Film

Inspired by the cloth grain texture, the fine cloth grain is low-key and neat, elegant and quiet, simple and ingenious. The simple color lines of crisscross paths outline the taste of life. The tone of the whole product doesn’t have too full strong color, not publicized personality, but has a natural and romantic feeling. The fabric PVC wrapping film adopts the texture of woven pattern, supplemented by cloth embossing; the finished PVC decorative film not only has the texture of cloth pattern, but also has the hand feeling of woven pattern, it’s also waterproof and easy to clean.

This type of fabric design PVC laminating film is usually used for wall decoration, cabinet covering, low-key color system, simple collocation, texture of cloth patterns, natural beauty, broadening people's imagination space and interpreting the tenderness and tranquility of the whole space


No air spots, no bubbles, no shortage, no shrink,   good flatness, distinct pattern, little color difference, no delaminating or   whiten after folding


Wood pattern, fabric design, cloth texture;  matte,   embossed surface

Product name

Cloth grain PVC decorative laminating film






Embossed / Smooth

Range of Application

Wall panel, door, furniture, interior decoration   etc.

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